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1 Monitoring bovine fetal fibroblast reprogramming utilizing a bovine nanog promoter-driven EGFP reporter system SCI(2013)(2.812) Molecular Reproduction and Development 80 3 193-203 雷蕾(学),Li Lei(外),Fuliang Du(外),Chien-Hong Chen(外),王华岩,Carol L. Keefer(外)
2 Identification and Effect Decomposition of Risk Factors for Brucella Contamination of Raw Whole Milk in China SCI(2013)(3.73) Plos one 8 7 e68230 宁蓬勃,郭满才,郭抗抗,徐磊 (学),任敏(学),程媛媛(学),张彦明
3 Production of cloned embryos from caprine mammary epithelial cells expressing recombinant human beta-defensin-3 SCI(2013)(2.082) Theriogenology 79 4 660-666 刘军,罗艳(学),刘青青(外),郑丽明(外),杨忠财(外),王勇胜,苏建民(学),权富生,张涌
4 Nuclear Donor Cell Lines Considerably Influence Cloning Efficiency and the Incidence of Large Offspring Syndrome in Bovine Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer SCI(2013)(1.392) Reproduction in Domestic Animals 48 4 660-664 刘军,王勇胜,苏建民(学),罗艳(学),权富生,张涌
5 Developmental Potential of Cloned Goat Embryos from an SSEA3+ Subpopulation of Skin Fibroblasts SCI(2013)(2.744) Cellular Reprogramming 15 2 159-165 刘军,杨忠财(外),邱明宁(外),罗艳(学),庞美俊(外),吴勇延(外),张涌
6 Anti-Bacterial Activity of Recombinant Human β-Defensin-3 Secreted in the Milk of Transgenic Goats Produced by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer SCI(2013)(3.73) plos one 8 6 e65379 刘军,罗艳(学),葛恒涛(外),韩成全(外),张辉(外),王勇胜,苏建民(学),权富生,高明清,张涌
7 Establishment and characterization of fetal fibroblast cell lines for generating human lysozyme transgenic goats by somatic cell nuclear transfer SCI(2013)(2.609) Transgenic Research 22 5 893-903 刘军,罗艳(学),郑丽明(外),刘青青(外),杨忠财(外),王勇胜,苏建民(学),权富生,张涌
8 Characterization of Liaoning Cashmere Goat Transcriptome: Sequencing, De Novo Assembly, Functional Annotation and Comparative Analysis SCI(2013)(3.73) Plos one 8 10 e77062 刘红亮(学),王甜甜(学),王进科(外),权富生,张涌
9 Improving development of cloned goat embryos by supplementing α-lipoic acid to oocyte in vitro maturation medium SCI(2013)(2.082) Theriogenology 80 3 228-233 张亨德(学),武彬(外),刘红亮(学),邱明宁(学),刘军,张涌,权富生
10 Effect of the Time Interval Between Fusion and Activation on Epigenetic Reprogramming and Development of Bovine Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Embryos SCI(2013)(2.744) Cellular Reprogramming 15 2 134-142 刘军,郭泽坤(外),王勇胜,苏建民(学),王丽君(外),李瑞哲(外),李倩(学),吴勇延(学),华松,权富生,张涌
11 Isolation and Characterization of SSEA3+ Stem Cells Derived from Goat Skin Fibroblasts SCI(2013)(2.744) Cellular Reprogramming 15 3 195-205 杨忠财(学),刘军,刘红亮(学),邱明宁(学),刘青青(学),郑丽明(学),庞美娟(学),权富生,张涌
12 Molecular characterization of Cyclospora-like organisms from golden snub-nosed monkeys in Qinling Mountain in Shaanxi province, northwestern China. SCI(2013)(3.73) PLOS one 8 2 e8216 赵光辉,丛湄湄(学),边青青(学),成温玉(学),王荣军(外),齐萌(外),张龙现(外),林青,朱兴全(外)
13 PARP-1 inhibitor, DPQ, attenuates LPS-induced acute lung injury through inhibiting NF-κB-mediated inflammatory response SCI(2013)(3.73) PLOS ONE 8 11 e79757 王刚(学),黄小佳(外),李永进(外),郭抗抗,宁蓬勃,张彦明
14 Design and Selection of a Camelid Single-Chain Antibody Yeast Two-Hybrid Library Produced De Novo for the Cap Protein of Porcine Circovirus SCI(2013)(3.73) Plos one 8 2013,8(3) 10 付向晶(学),杜恩岐,杨增岐,高小龙(学),贺生芳(学),黄迪(学),张鹏(学),王兴龙,张淑霞,党如意,尹双辉(外)
15 Differences in DNA methylation and mRNA levels between the breeding and non-breeding seasons of in vitro produced IVF and SCNT sheep embryos SCI(2013)(1.124) Small Ruminant Research 113 3 390-397 华松,王勇胜,武浩,权富生,张辉(学),张涌
16 Phylogenetic and pathogenic analyses of two virulent Newcastle disease viruses isolated from Crested Ibis(Nipponianippon) in China SCI(2013)(1.769) Virus Genes 46 3 447-453 陈胜利(学),郝华芳(学),刘青天(学),王蓉(学),张鹏(学),王兴龙,杜恩岐,杨增岐
17 Characterization of Haemaphysalis flava (Acari: Ixodidae) from Qingling subspecies of giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis) in Qinling Mountains (Central China) by morphology and molecular SCI(2013)(3.73) PLOS One 8 7 e69793 成温玉(学),赵光辉,贾燕青(学),边青青(学),杜帅之(学),方艳琴(学),齐茂珍(学),于三科
18 Identification and characterization of microRNAs in Baylisascaris schroederi of the giant panda. SCI(2013)(3.246) Parasites & vectors 6 1 216 赵光辉,许民俊(外),朱兴全(外)
19 PK-15 cells transfected with porcine CD163 by PiggyBac transposonsystem are susceptible to porcine reproductive and respiratorysyndrome virus SCI(2013)(1.9) Journal of virological methods 193 2 382-390 王向鹏(学),Julian A. Hiscox(外),魏蕊芳(学),李琼毅(学),刘红亮(学),黄柏成(学),高继明(外),穆杨,王承宝,Walter H. Hsu(外),周恩民
20 CHIR99021 promotes self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells by modulation of protein-encoding gene and long intergenic non-coding RNA expression SCI(2013)(3.557) EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH 319 17 2684-2699 吴勇延(学),艾志营(学),姚柯桢(学),曹丽霞(学),杜娟(学),史晓燕(学),郭泽坤,张涌
21 AICAR Sustains J1 Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Pluripotency by Regulating Transcription Factor and Epigenetic Modulator Expression SCI(2013)(3.415) CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 32 2 459-475 史晓燕(学),吴勇延(学),艾志营(学),刘欣(学),杨丽萍(学),杜娟(学),邵婧婧(学),郭泽坤,张涌
22 Oct4 and the small molecule inhibitor, SC1, regulates Tet2 expression in mouse embryonic stem cells SCI(2013)(2.506) MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REPORTS 40 4 2897-2906 郭泽坤,吴勇延(学),刘烨(学),唐波(学),王毅(学),杨丽萍(学),杜娟(学),张涌(学)
23 Transplantation of Goat Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells (gMSCs) Help Restore Spermatogenesis in Endogenous Germ Cells-Depleted Mouse Models SCI(2013)(0.53) Journal of Intergrative Agriculture 12 3 483-494 王芳(学),刘超(学),张姗姗(学),刘维帅(外)(学),华进联
24 Vitamin C facilitates pluripotent stem cell maintenance by promoting pluripotency gene transcription SCI(2013)(3.142) BIOCHIMIE 95 11 2107-2113 郜原(学),吴勇延(学),郭泽坤,张涌,杨丽萍(学),陈琳琳(学),王向学(学),吴海波(学),艾志营(学),杜娟(学),刘烨(学),史晓燕(学)
25 Construction and identification of mouse R-spondin 1 eukaryotic expression vector SCI(2013)(0.44) journal of food,agriculture and enviroment 11 1 227-230 彭莎,韩伟(学),姚溪(学),华进联
26 Swainsonine differentially affects steroidogenesis and viability in caprine luteal cells in vitro SCI(2013)(2.082) Theriogenology 80 1 40-49 黄勇,李伟(学),赵晓民,丁利(学),于高水(学),董峰(学),杜谦(学),许信刚,童德文
27 Expression of synaptophysin and its mRNA in bovine corpus lutea during different stages of pregnancy SCI(2013)(1.774) Research in Veterinary Science 94 3 449-452 张文华(学),陈树林,王仲慧(学),唐彩琰(学),孟霞(学),李飞虎(学),赵善廷
28 Pilot Study on Degradation of Classical Swine Fever Virus Nonstructural 2 Protein in Cells SCI(2013)(0.37) Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 12 2 234-241 郭抗抗,张彦明,唐青海(学),宁蓬勃,李河林(学),刘伟(学),吕其壮(学),梁武龙(学),林鸷(学),张成成(学)
29 A simple and economical method in purifying dairy goat luteal cells SCI(2013)(1.095) Tissue and Cell 45 4 269-274 王仲慧(学),陈树林,莫虹斐(学),黄映雪(学),李金颜(学),孙建波(学),刘磊(学),赵善廷
30 Detection and differentiation of classical swine fever virus strains C and Shimen by high-resolution melt analysis. Journal of virological methods SCI(2013)(1.9) Journal of virological methods 194 1 129-131 宁蓬勃,李河林(学),梁武龙(学),郭抗抗,曹伟伟(学),谭学超(学),程亮(学),张彦明
31 Understanding Early Events in Gene Expression Induced by Classical Swine Fever Virus in Swine Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells by Deep Sequencing SCI(2013)(0.47) Wulfenia Journal 20 7 384-395 宁蓬勃,安丽菁(学),梁武龙(学),胡丛霞(学),曹伟伟(学),建琛瑶(学),郭抗抗,龚春梅,张彦明
32 Swainsonine accumulation by endophytic Undifilum fungi in liquid media and determined by means of a modified enzymatic assay SCI(2013)(0.37) journal of animal and veterinary advances 11 21 3876-3881 杨国栋(学),康丹菊(学),李艳红(学),李金成   (学),王妍(学),孔祥亚(外),李勤凡,王建华
33 Genomic characterisation of a lentogenic Newcastle disease virus strain HX01 isolated from sick pigs in China SCI(2013)(1.769) VIRUS GENES 46 2 264-270 陈胜利(学),杨增岐,郝华芳(学),王兴龙,杜恩岐,刘海金(学),杨涛(学),刘阳坤(学),付向晶(学),张鹏(学)
34 Expression and Distribution Pattern of Ghrelin in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Saanen Dairy Goat SCI(2013)(0.37) journal of animal and veterinary advances 11 24 4585-4592 于高水(学),张文龙,黄勇,丁利(学),李伟(学),李兆才(学),许丹(学),董峰(学),杜谦(学),童德文
35 Liposome can improve the adjuvanticity of astragalus polysaccharideon the immune response against ovalbumin SCI(2013)(2.596) International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 60 60 206-212 范云鹏,马琳,张为民,崔小七(学),郑寅(学),索朗扎西(学),宋晓平
36 Pilot survey of raw whole milk in China for Listeria monocytogenes using PCR SCI(2013)(2.738) Food control 30 1 176-179 宁蓬勃,吕其壮(学),曹伟伟(学),张彦明,郭抗抗,程亮(学),徐磊(学),张成成(学),崔红杰(学),程媛媛(学),许锐(学),刘伟(学)
37 Necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) alters differently to alcohol, paracetamol and tert-Butyl hydroperoxide (t-BHP) induced human hepatoma HepG2 cell injury SCI(2013)(2.354) Acta Pharmacologica Sincia 34   160 张小莺,谢文艳(学)
38 Investigation of protective effect of Luobuma (Apocynum venetum) extract and its metabolites against tert-butyl hydroperoxide (t-BHP) induced human hepatoma HepG2 cell injury SCI(2013)(2.354) Acta Pharmacologica Sincia 34   15-16 谢文艳(学),张小莺
39 Pharmacokinetic analysis of cefquinome in healthy chickens SCI(2013)(1.147) British Poultry Science 54 1 81-86 谢文艳(学),张小莺,王甜(学),杜帅之(学)
40 Establishment and Evaluation of a Stable Cattle Type II Alveolar Epithelial Cell Line SCI(2013)(3.73) PLOS ONE 8 9 1-10 苏峰(学),刘鑫(学),刘光辉(学),余源(学),王勇胜,靳亚平,胡广东(学),华松,张涌
41 Chicken hypersensitive site-4 insulator increases human serum albumin expression in bovine mammary epithelial cells modified with phiC31 integrase SCI(2013)(1.853) BIOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS 35 4 529-537 罗艳(学),刘军,刘青青(学),郑丽明(学),王勇胜,苏建民(学),胡广东(学),张涌
42 Construction of Ipr1 expression vector and development of cloned embryos in vitro SCI(2013)(1.5) ZYOTE 21 3 265-9 宋永利(学),李吉霞(学),张涌,何小宁(学),华松(学),兰杰(学),刘勇刚(外),程胖(学),张海林(学),贺小英(学),刘军
43 Zinc-finger nickase-mediated insertion of the lysostaphin gene into the beta-casein locus in cloned cows SCI(2013)(10.015) Nature communications 4 4 11 刘旭(学),王勇胜,郭文江(学),常博豪(学),刘军,郭泽坤,权富生,张涌
44 A site-specific recombinase-based method to produce antibiotic selectable marker free transgenic cattle SCI(2013)(3.73) PLOS ONE 8 4 1-14 余源(学),王勇胜,佟琪(学),刘旭(学),苏峰(学),权富生,郭泽坤,张涌
45 Derivation and characterization of goat fetal fibroblast cells induced with human telomerase reverse transcriptase SCI(2013)(1.289) In Vitro Cellular &Devolopmental Biology - Animal 49 1 8-14 谢莹(学),赵晓娥,贾洪响(学),马保华
46 Expression of ghrelin and GHSR-1a in mammary glands of dairy goat during the lactation and the effects of gherlin on regulation of mammary function in vitro SCI(2013)(4.039) Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 370 1-2 20—31 张文龙,于高水(学),黄勇,许丹(学),任静静(学),姜亮(学),吴昌龙(学),童德文
47 First Report of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Prevalence in Tibetan Pigs in Tibet, China. SCI(2013)(0.37) Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 11 22 41674170 时新春(学),N.Z. Zhang(外),D.H. Zhou(外),M.J. Xu(外),C. Danba(外),S.M. Wu(外),G. Ga(外),穆杨,X.Q. Zhu(外)
48 Variable interference with interferon signal transduction by different strains of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus SCI(2013)(3.127) veterinary micrbiology 166 3-4 493-503 王蓉(学),Nan YU Chen (学),Yu Ling (学),杨增岐,Yan jin Zhang(外)
49 Oral administration of attenuated Salmonella typhimurium containing a DNA vaccine against rabbit haemorrhagic disease SCI(2013)(2.011) Journal of virological methods 188 1-2 108-113 邱立,王兴龙,郝华芳(学),慕国辉(学),党如意,王佳(学),张淑霞,杜恩岐,杨增岐
50 Anaesthesia and cardiopulmonary effects of tiletamine-zolazepam/xylazine/tramadol and its effects on nitric oxide, plasma endothelin, 6-keto-PGF1α and thromboxanes B2 in miniature pigs SCI(2013)(0.39) Journal of Veterinaria Brno 82 1 103-107 卢德章,范宏刚(外),姜胜(外),谭丽娟(外),于世明,张栾松(外),马昆(外),王洪斌(外)
51 Tramadol effect on the ketamine-medetomidine combination in immature Bamei pigs SCI(2013)(0.20) Medycyna Weterynaryjna 69 3 165-179 卢德章,秦树红(学),马新武,王华岩,马保华
52 Genetic variability among Dicrocoelium dendriticum isolates from different regions in Shaanxi Province, China revealed by sequences of three mitochondrial genes SCI(2013)(1.705) Mitochondrial DNA 24 6 683-688 赵光辉,边青青(学),任万欣(学),贾燕青(学),成温玉(学),方艳琴(学),宋军科(学),林青
53 HN gene C-terminal extension of Newcastle disease virus is not the determinant of the enteric tropism SCI(2013)(1.769) virus genes 47 1 27-33 赵伟(学),Hu Hai Xia (学),Zsak Laszlo(学),Yu Qing Zhong(学),杨增岐
54 Emergency vaccination alleviates highly pathogenic porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection after contact exposure SCI(2013)(1.861) veterinary research 9 26 2-6 李晓(学),Qiu Li(学),杨增岐,党如意,王兴龙
55 Powering mammalian genetic screens with mouse haploid embryonic stem cells SCI(2013)(3.902) Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis 741-742 Jan-Feb 44-50 张仕强,Yue Teng(外)
56 The Teaching of Veterinary Surgery Medicine in Northwest A&F University (2013)(0.00) Creative Education 4 1 35-38 卢德章,马新武,张翊华,李明
57 Prevention of Calcium- Phosphor-Plural Gel in Milk Fever of Dairy Cows SCI(2013)(0.27) Acta Scientiae Veterinariae 41 2013 1126 吴晨晨,郭玺(外),赵宝玉,路浩,周启武(外)
58 Synergistic effects of anti-CmeA and anti-CmeB peptide nucleic acids on sensitizing Campylobacter jejuni to antibiotics. SCI(2013)(4.565) Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 57 9 4575-4577 穆杨,Zhangqi Shen(外),Byeonghwa Jeon(外),Lei Dai(外),Qijing Zhang(外)
59 Characterization of Dicrocoelium chinensis from domestic yaks in Gansu and Sichuan provinces, China, using genetic markers in two mitochondrial genes SCI(2013)(1.705) Mitochondrial DNA 24 3 263—266 王兴叶(学),赵光辉,刘国华(外),李佳缘(外),周东辉(外),徐民俊(外),林青,朱兴权(外)
60 In vitro potency and efficacy favor later generation fluoroquinolones for treatment of canine and feline Escherichia coli uropathogens in the United States SCI(2013)(1.532) world journal of microbiology and biotechnology 29 2 347-354 刘晓强,Dawn M. Boothe(外),靳亚平,Kamoltip Thungrat(外)
61 Transmissible gastroenteritis virus infection induces cell apoptosis via activation of p53 signalling SCI(2013)(3.127) journal of General Virology 94 8 1807-1817 黄勇,丁利(学),李兆才(学),戴美玲(学),赵晓民,李伟(学),杜谦(学),许信刚,童德文
62 Conophylline Promotes the Proliferation of Immortalized Mesenchymal Stem SCI(2013)(0.53) Journal of Intergrative Agriculture 12 4 678-686 张慧茹(学),李丹(学),曹晖(学),吕晓(学),楚元奎(学),白耀富(学),靳亚平,彭莎,窦忠英,华进联
63 Enrichment and characterization of Thy1-positive male germline stem cells (mGSCs) from dairy goat (Capra hircus) testis using magnetic microbeads SCI(2013)(2.082) Theriogenology 80 9 1052-1060 吴江(学),李光鹏(外),华进联,宋文聪(学),朱海鲸(学),牛志伟(学),穆海龙(学),雷安民,杨春荣,彭莎,李新平
64 Expression pattern of Boule in dairy goat testis and its function in promoting the meiosis in male germline stem cells (mGSCs) SCI(2013)(3.062) Journal of Cellula Biochemistry 114 2 281-8 李明昭(学),刘超(学),朱海鲸(学),孙军伟(学),于萌(学),牛志伟(学),刘维帅(外),彭莎,华进联
65 Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus N protein prolongs S-phase cell cycle, induces endoplasmic reticulum stress, and up-regulates interleukin-8 expression. SCI(2013)(3.127) Veterinary Microbiology 164 3-4 212-221 许信刚,张红垒(学),张琪,黄勇,董洁(学),梁亚冰(学),刘宏仁(外),童德文
66 The expression and localization of LRF in the female reproductive tract of cycling mice throughout the estrous cycle. SCI(2013)(0.73) Journal  of immunoassay & immunochemistry 34   313-322 杨延周(学),靳亚平,林鹏飞,胡林勇(学),崔趁趁(学),李晓(学),李倩(学),王爱华
67 Expression pattern implicates a potential role for luman recruitment factor in the process of implantation in uteri and development of preimplantation embryos in mice SCI(2013)(2.082) J reprod DEV 59 3 245-251 杨延周(学),李倩(学),Rui LU(外),王爱华,靳亚平,Martyn AC(外),林鹏飞,宋玉洁(学),陈风雷(学),胡林勇(学),崔趁趁(学),李晓(学)
68 Hormonal regulation of ovarian bursa fluid in mice and involvement of aquaporins. SCI(2013)(3.73) pLoS ONE 8 5 1-7 张贺(学),曹忠红(外),靳亚平,段恩奎(外),张颖(外),赵华山(外),张云芳(外),陈琦(外),彭红英(外),李磊(外),乔敬巧(外),史俊超(外)
69 Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus E protein causes endoplasmic reticulum stress and up-regulates interleukin-8 expression SCI(2013)(2.092) virology journal 19 10 26 许信刚,张红垒(学),张琪,董洁(学),梁亚冰(学),黄勇,刘宏仁(外),童德文
70 Evidence for different patterns of natural inter-genotype recombination between two PCV2 parental strains in the field SCI(2013)(2.745) Virus research 175 1 78-86 黄勇,邵萌(学),许信刚,张秀娟(学),杜谦(学),赵晓民,张文龙,吕亚辉(学),童德文
71 Porcine JAB1 significantly enhances apoptosis induced by staurosporine SCI(2013)(6.044) Cell Death and Disease 4 2 1-10 蒋朋飞(学),李登云(学),王静娜(学),亢展展(学),张德礼
72 Identification and functional characterizations of a novel TRIF gene from grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) SCI(2013)(3.238) Developmental and comparative immunology 41 2 222-229 杨春荣,李青梅(学),苏建国,陈晓慧(学),汪亚平(外),彭丽敏(学)
73 Genetic characterization of the Drosophila birt-hogg-dubé syndrome gene SCI(2013)(3.73) PLoS ONE 8 6 doi: 10.1371/journal 刘伟,陈志(学),马延森(学),靳亚平(学),武小椿(学),Steven Hou(外)
74 Meretrix Meretrix: Active Components and Their Bioactivities SCI(2013)(0.17) Life Science Journal 9 3 756-762 谢文艳(学),陈琛(外),刘小爽(学),王波(外),孙颖(学),闫茂仓(外),张小莺
75 Luman recruiting factor regulates endoplasmic reticulum stress in mouse ovarian granulosa cell apoptosis. SCI(2013)(2.082) THERIOGENOLOGY 79 4 633-639 杨延周(学),林鹏飞,陈风雷(学),王爱华,兰向莉(学),宋玉洁(学),靳亚平
76 Two HMGB1 genes from grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella mediate immune responses to viral/bacterial PAMPs and GCRV challenge SCI(2013)(3.238) Developmental and comparative immunology 39 3 133-146 杨春荣,彭丽敏(学),苏建国
77 Cladosporium cladosporioides XJ-AC03, an aconitine-producing endophytic fungus isolated from Aconitum leucostomum SCI(2013)(1.262) world J Micro Biot 29 5 933- 938 杨凯(学),梁洁(学),李勤凡,孔祥雅(学),陈睿(学),金意敏(学)
78 Mechanism of the plant cytochrome P450 for herbicide resistance: a modelling study SCI(2013)(1.495) Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry 28 6 1182-1191 李勤凡,方玉鹏(学),厉秀秀(学),zhang hong(学),liu Mengmeng(学),Yang Huibin(学),Kang Zhou(学),Li Yan(学),王永华
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